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4 Belt Hacks on TikTok: The Good, the Bad, and the Clickbait

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TikTok brings us many wild yet wonderful things. It has brought up makeup tricks, home storage tips, and fashion hacks. Currently, the app has more than 1 billion active users. It was the most popular social media app in 2022.

When it comes to styling and fashion, we can always check out something new from TikTok. It can surprise you in many ways. This guide will look at some belt hacks on TikTok and how you can use our Textured Belts to try them out!

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Hip Belt For Waist

If you’ve been meaning to wear your hip belt on your waist, this is the hack for you. It’s very easy, and you can start by pulling your Textured Belt through the buckle. Once it fits your waist, press down your buckle’s prong and pull the belt towards the other end of its strap or frame. This belt hack on TikTok will help keep it in place, and you won’t have to poke a belt hole.

Tape For No Hoops

If your belt has no hoops or holes, you can stick double-sided adhesive tape at both ends of your belt and then lay your belt flat towards your back. Make sure you have a tap thick enough to safely secure the belt. Since our Textured Belts are durable and made of decommissioned firehoses, this belt hack on TikTok won’t damage them.

Textured belt with modern buckle

Hair Tie For Long Belts

If you have an extra long belt, you can use a hair tie to keep its ends in check. Simply take your hair tie and start pulling it under the belt’s end. Tie the hair tie around your belt and repeat this near the top and end of your belt. This is a good enough belt hack on TikTok; however, it can look a little messy. Finding a hair tie that matches your belt and is thin enough is key.

Crop Top Situation

If you have a nice long top, you can turn it into a crop top. Simply fasten the Textured Belt over your top and around your waist. If you’re wearing a yellow top, this will work wonders. We recommend you go with a belt that matches your top.

Once you’ve fastened the belt, start pulling your top up. Leave about one or two inches of fabric to stay under your belt. Now it’s time to adjust your top. Fold it down, so it covers your belt and gives the impression of you wearing a crop top. It’s the best belt hack on TikTok.

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