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A Seasonal Shopaholic’s Guide to Quitting Fast Fashion

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The fashion world as we know it has many aspects to it. One aspect is fast fashion. Here, you’ll find mass-produced garments of lower quality, mimicking trending aesthetics. Picture yourself in a mall, buying a jacket with an eagle emblem sewn on the back. This easily qualifies as fast fashion. For most of us, our closets are filled with such clothes.

If you’re a shopaholic, you know you won’t repeat your clothes often because you always want something new for an occasion. On average, a person wears a clothing item just seven times. An average consumer in the US gets rid of 81.5 lbs of clothing every year, which ends up in landfills.

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When you have to make a transition, you need to start setting boundaries. Quitting fast fashion isn’t easy, and what makes it harder is social media consumption, constant new products, and micro-trends emerging all the time.

The first step is to unplug. Make sure you get away from all the platforms or outlets that convince you to make a purchase. Social media marketing is very effective. 93% of marketers around the world use social media for business. Ensure you stop following certain accounts, visiting certain websites or pages, and unsubscribing from email subscriptions.

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When quitting fast fashion, it’s unrealistic to assume that someone can break their habit of shopping. What you can do is start shopping at slow-fashion stores. These are brands offering you sustainable fashion accessories, clothing, and alternatives.

If you purchase from innovative designers and brands who are not contributing to fast fashion, you can become a more responsible consumer. Adopting slow fashion takes time, but you will certainly find brands that make amazing, exciting things.

Buy Secondhand or Thrift

Along with supporting ethical and sustainable brands, you can also start buying at thrift stores. These stores usually have amazing pieces available at extremely low rates. Plus, you can also shop for secondhand items. Many websites sell secondhand garments, footwear, and accessories. You can also check out nearby garage sales happening.

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