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Byron Matysek

Saving the Environment One Hose at a Time

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About Us

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Byron Matysek

Born in Chicago and now living in Florida, Byron J Matysek established the Free of Fear brand in 2020. Byrons drive and passion is reflected through the creation of FoF- a brand that aims to transform decommissioned fire hoses into luxurious fashion accessories. Byron attends Dreyfoos School of the Arts as a Senior in West Palm Beach, Florida. His creativity and initiative to create Free Of Fear was cultivated alongside his love for dance. Even after taking advanced academic courses on top of rigorous dance training outside of school-Byron wanted to create Free Of Fear as a way of rescuing and reclaiming raw materials and turning them into luxury products. Our Mission: Helping Save The Environment One Hose At A Time.
Vision: To Continue On
In Creating Sustainable Luxury Products

Meet Free Of Fear’s Creator

My name is Byron Matysek, I am a 18 year old student originally from the Chicago area and now living  in Jupiter, Florida. 

I first began FOF as just an idea of reusing materials and trying to create something out of almost anything. I began to seriously take my ideas once I saw the impact that my ideas could have not only on the fashion industry but also the environment.

FoF is a fairly new company, we started with ideas about a year ago and now we are fully pursuing and pushing on as a business.

FoF’s mission is to create fresh modern products and styles, while at the same time reducing our impact on the environment and supporting our community.

As the founder I find myself doing a little bit of everything, from coming up with new concepts with designers to executing our ideas, to bringing the product to market. I’m involved in every step of the process.

FoF right now has belts, various sizes of technology cases/sleeves, a duffle bag, and a credit card holder. 

FoF’s target customer is anyone who is looking for a long lasting, durable, modern product that not only helps in reducing our impact on the environment and also supports our community.

Our customers can find FoF on our website:, Instagram, Facebook,
Tiktok, and hopefully in stores soon.

Even though founded in South Florida, FoF is working closely with the fashion industry in Chicago to bring awareness of our mission, goals, and product to the Chicago and surrounding community.

The next step for FoF is to launch our flagship products, as well as begin to spreading awareness about us and our fashion line.

Yes, all our garments are made here in South Florida, U.S.A.

Yes, to FoF made in the U.S.A is very important as it not only supports our local community, but we want to support our fellow American industries, products, businesses and ultimately people

About Us
About Us

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