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Building a Capsule Wardrobe: 6 Must-Haves Including Eco-Friendly Bag

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Do you ever get a sudden urge to simplify your life? You can do that by creating a capsule wardrobe!

A 2019 survey showed that people own an average of 136 clothing items. According to another research, the sufficient number of clothing items in a closet should be 74. The impulsive urge to buy and hoard more clothes than we need is making our life more complicated.

Creating a capsule wardrobe includes having a versatile collection of clothing that you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits. It’s based on the “less is more” mindset and typically consists of having a few high-quality and durable pieces that can be worn on multiple occasions, like that one blue pair of jeans in your closet that goes with almost every t-shirt.

Here are a few items you can get to build a capsule wardrobe.

White Shirt

White is a color that can go with anything. You can get a basic white T-Shirt and a white button-down shirt for your capsule closet. Make sure to get a high-quality one made from sustainable materials that can last for years.

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are a classic and essential item for any capsule wardrobe. You can easily find a pair that fits and goes with multiple shirts. If you want to buy one made from sustainable material, go for organic cotton or recycled denim.

Tailored Suits

Tailored suits are versatile pieces that can elevate your style and add a formal touch. Look for neutral colors like black, navy, or gray that can help you mix and match to create various outfits. Try this ‘five must-have suits hack by Steve Harvey and create 75 outfits!

Eco-Friendly Bag

Bags are another suitable addition to a capsule closet. Get an eco-friendly bag that is stylish and made from sustainable material. From a sustainable fashion case to an eco-friendly men’s bag, you can select one that is high-quality, durable, and made from recycled products. It will eliminate the need to get a replacement frequently.

Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are another essential for a capsule wardrobe, as they can be dressed up or down. They can be worn for a variety of occasions and paired with a variety of tops. Look for a pair made from sustainable and recycled material.

If you’re looking for a sustainable men’s belt, an eco-friendly bag, or a sustainable fashion case, shop our collection of men’s fashion accessories online and add some unique pieces to your capsule closet.

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