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Fast Fashion’s Impact On Our Planet: What Can We Do

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Fast fashion is currently one of the most popular terms in the fashion industry. In keeping up with the latest and ever-changing fashion trends, however, we’re neglecting our responsibility towards the environment and our planet.  

Fast fashion sales double every year. It means more and more people are buying new clothes to follow the latest fashion trends. Most of them think repeating an outfit is not cool anymore. A survey shows a fall of 36% in the average number of times an item is worn.

So, what is happening to all these clothes that we are discarding? They contribute to waste and CO2 emissions more than aviation and shipping combined.

Let’s discuss it further.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion describes clothing made to keep up with fashion trends. It can be described as cheap, trendy, low-quality clothing that can be discarded and replaced as ‘fast’ as the changing trends.

While it’s easy on the pocket, it’s not good for the planet or society. The manufacturing process of fast fashion involves using cheap and unsustainable materials and unethical labor practices, all of which contribute to environmental damage.

Impact on the Planet

Here’s how the increase in fast fashion is impacting the environment.

Fast fashion contributes to the depletion of non-renewable sources by being the second-biggest consumer of water. The industry is widely popular for drying up water sources and polluting rivers.

Moreover, manufacturing these mass-produced clothing items requires large amounts of petroleum. The process releases a high volume of acids like hydrogen chloride and CO2.

What Can We Do?

So, what can we do to decrease the impact on our planet? Here are some simple things that make a difference.

  • Reduce or stop consumption of fashion products. You can do this by purchasing higher-quality and suitable items that last years and reducing wastage.
  • Support and promote sustainable and ethical fashion brands. Buy from brands that prioritize the environment and workers’ rights.
  • Shop secondhand products to save cost, reduce waste and utilize resources.
  • Don’t throw away clothes. Try to recycle or donate them to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

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