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How to Wear a Recycled Belt in 4 Ways

Recycled belts in different colors

A good belt can do much more than hold up your bottoms. A statement belt like our textured belts with medium or signature buckles can be statement pieces. They can bring your outfits together while following the dress code you’ve chosen for yourself.

Free of Fear’s belts made from fire hoses make for a great fashion accessory. These belts add character to your outfit while taking nothing away from it. They can accentuate your body shape, add a pop of color, or help you style your outfit better.

If you’re thinking of wearing a recycled yellow fire hose belt, this guide is for you. We’ll discuss some ways men and women can style our belts.

Belt Over Blazer

Since our belts are wide enough, you can put them over your longer blazer. It will make for a powerful outfit, and your ensemble will be topped with just the right amount of character. Wearing a recycled belt is all about making it the focal point of your outfit.

Additionally, longer blazers are great for creating unique silhouettes. With the help of your belt around the jacket and buckle in the center, you can accentuate your body shape. Since our textured belts are yellow, you can choose neutral-colored blazers.

Match Your Outfit

If you don’t like the idea of long blazers, you can also match your outfit with your belt. When you’re wearing a recycled belt, you’re already making it a centerpiece. Now, this should be your inspiration to bring the entire outfit together.

Start by matching your outfit’s elements and pieces with your belt. You can create a monochrome outfit with different shades of yellow. You can also wear similar materials that will match the pattern or material of your belt. A great way to match your belt with another piece of your outfit is by wearing matching shoes, jewelry, or pocket squares.

Wearing a Recycled Belt Without Belt Loops

When you put on a belt, it goes through the loops on your dress or pants. However, you can just let it sit on your waist for greater body definition and enhanced silhouette. It will also add some color to your outfit.

Pair It With Earth Tones

Since our recycled belt is already an eye-catcher, you can keep your outfit as mellow and subtle as possible. Go with earthy tones and shades like beige, khaki, and olive. Complete your outfit with a white bag and brown loafers, and voila! Your belt is doing all the talk for you.

Lastly, we also recommend you check out our other sustainable fashion accessories. You can pair our business cases, card holders, and sleeves with our amazing environmentally-friendly belts. At Free of Fear, we offer ethically produced items made from decommissioned fire hoses.

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How to Wear a Recycled Belt in 4 Ways
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