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Top 4 Uses for Upcycled Duffel Bags

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Duffel bags are some of the most versatile bags. They are pretty popular because you can take them anywhere you go—from gyms and schools to the airport. Almost all travelers carry some type of duffel bag to store their items securely.

At Free of Fear, we have a variety of sustainable fashion bags including duffel bags. Many people use our upcycled duffel bags for different reasons and you can also get your hands on them. In this guide, we’ll discuss the uses of upcycled duffel bags.

What Are Duffel Bags?

Duffel is a type of fabric that originated in Duffel—a town in Flanders near Antwerp, Belgium. This is a wool-based, thick material that is extremely durable. Soon, this material was being exported to England and Spain. E.E. Cummings, a famous poet, was one of the first English people to call these cylindrical or kit bags “Duffel Bags”.

Uses of Upcycled Duffel Bags


One of the most common uses of upcycled duffel bags is for traveling. Since these bags are lightweight, sturdy, and have lots of pockets, they’re perfect for traveling. They can sit in the overhead compartments of planes, trains, or buses. Plus their leather handles make them easier to carry and transport.

Sports & Recreation

Whether you’re going to the beach or the pool, you can carry your belongings safely in a duffel bag. Many athletes also carry their gear and activewear in them. Regardless of your preference, upcycled duffel bags are perfect for carrying different types of sports or recreation gear including shoes and balls.

The Gym

If you go to the gym, you might see lots of duffel bags there. This is another common use of upcycled duffel bags. You can store your post-workout clothes, shoes, and items needed for a shower in a sturdy upcycled duffel bag and it will hold everything safely.

Duffel bags also fit perfectly in gym lockers, making it easier to securely store your belongings while you’re busy working out. Make sure you do carry our lock though. Many duffel bags can also be easily washed so you don’t have to worry about yours smelling like sweat or gym.


Lastly, you can also use upcycled duffel bags for business purposes. You don’t have to restrict the use of upcycled duffel bags to gyms, airports, or pools. You can also carry your duffel bag to work and store your laptop, tablet, and other tech equipment in this waterproof bag.

To shop for men’s duffel bags, visit Free of Fear today. You can also check out our eco-friendly accessories and environmentally friendly belts. For more assistance, check out our FAQs page. To learn more about our products, contact us today.

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