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What Is Eco-friendly Fashion and Why Is It Important

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As the world becomes more and more eco-conscious, apparel brands are now launching sustainable fashion accessories. Sustainable fashion is slowly becoming the new normal, and it won’t be going away, probably ever. Consumers know that the planet needs a course correction, and this is the first step towards mitigating the worst impacts of Climate Change.

The industry is changing—from packing to production to consumer spending. If you still haven’t switched to eco-friendly fashion accessories, we can help you out. Check out this guide to learn about the importance of eco-friendly fashion.

What Does Eco-Friendly Fashion Mean?

Eco-friendly fashion, or sustainable fashion, means creating clothing or accessories that don’t harm the environment or the workers. It’s not just about reducing the environmental impact but also protecting the rights and lives of those producing the garments.

Simply put, eco-friendly fashion is environmentally friendly and ethically made. Brands shy away from this because they think it would reduce their profit margins. However, the global ethical fashion industry is predicted to reach $8.17 billion in 2023. 

Consumers are willing to pay more to change the world. Many have stopped buying from brands that are harming the environment. Around 23% of consumers have switched to eco-friendly brands.

Importance of Eco-Friendly Fashion

The fashion industry’s production makes up 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It also contributes to 20% of global industrial water pollution. It’s not surprising to those who know how plastic is used to make clothes. The result is microplastic waste which adds to thousands of other harmful chemicals you can find in landfills.

The time has now come for a change worldwide. The textile mills are not treating labor right and are also dangerous to the environment. People now understand the importance of eco-friendly fashion and are switching to sustainable fashion accessories and clothing brands.

Become More Sustainable

We believe in greener business practices. With more environmentally-friendly fashion brands, there will be immense success for everyone, including our planet. The fashion industry is moving towards sustainability. Commitment to this should not just be a marketing tactic but a visible practice.

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