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What Makes a Fashion Brand Ethical?

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The fashion industry is evolving, and so are its practices. Consumers are becoming more aware of the harmful impact of unethical production on the environment and workers. A survey shows consumers spent over seven billion hours browsing buzzwords like ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ in 2020. It shows they are trying to make more responsible choices with fashion and lifestyle.

So, what is ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion is a term that describes manufacturing garments while considering their environmental and social impact. It focuses on reducing harm to workers in the fashion industry and the planet by adopting eco-friendly and sustainable practices. These can include environmentally friendly resource consumption and ethical labor practices, among other things.

With all this debate about the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion, how do you know if a brand is ethical? Here’s what you need to consider:

If a Brand Uses Sustainable Materials

The kind of material a brand uses to create its products determines whether it’s ethical or not. It includes environmentally friendly materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and repurposed items that can be utilized to create other products to minimize the impact of waste on the environment.

If a Brand Practices Ethical Labor

Practicing fair and ethical labor practices are essential for a brand to be sustainable. It means paying the workers fairly, providing safe working conditions, and avoiding exploitation. It also includes working with suppliers and manufacturers who share the same values.

If a Brand Has a Transparent Supply Chain

A transparent brand has nothing to hide. You can find their financial statements and information about their supply chains and production processes on their websites. They often provide such information to the public and highlight steps they are taking to reduce their environmental impact.

If a Brand is Cruelty-Free

A cruelty-free brand does not use animal products in its manufacturing processes. Animal welfare is an important and ongoing debate in the ethical fashion industry. Most ethical brands ensure and promote that animals should be treated humanely and that their products do not harm animals or the environment in any way.

If a Brand Is Socially Responsible

A brand is also considered ethical if it actively gives back to society and prioritizes social responsibility. It includes participating in charities, supporting local suppliers, reducing the use of plastic bags, and more.

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