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Yellow is the New Black: How to Style the FoF Textured Belt with Casualwear

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The rise of modern, sustainable alternatives to leather belts has led to unique designs and colors for accessories in the fashion industry. Free of Fear’s Textured Belt is a long and durable yellow piece that adds a pop of color and style to any outfit. If you’re a fan, you’ll want to try a few different styles to see which one you like best.

This blog provides some expert tips on how you can style your textured belt to get heads turning. Let’s get started!

Wrap Around Your Hips For A Classic Style.

The Free of Fear Textured Belt is typically long. To style this belt, you can keep it around your waist twice, then pull it through the buckle in the front.

If you find our belt can get in your way, wrap it around your waist twice and then slide it through the buckle. If you’re worried the belt won’t hang, try taking the last bit into your belt loops. Doing this will make for a perfect fit on any waist.

Wrap The Belt Around Your Natural Waist For A Streetwear Look.

If your pants don’t have belt loops, you can still wear FoF Textured Belt if you bring it up to your natural waistline or the skinniest portion of your torso. You can unlock a modern, cool look by wrapping the belt around your waist two times. To add some more interest to your outfit, try wearing a trench coat or a sweatshirt underneath it.

Jeans And A T-Shirt

This simple yet classic look is perfect for all your casual occasions. If you’re looking for an easy outfit that doesn’t require much planning, pair your jeans with an oversized t-shirt. To finish off your look, add some more interest to your outfit through a fire hose belt.

A Hoodie and Joggers

You don’t have to dress up every time you wear the belt. Wear it with a pair of comfiest sneakers, a bulky sweatshirt, and joggers, and it will add some more interest to your outfit and elevate it from casual to fashion-forward.

Make Your Belt Look Like A Seatbelt.

For an interesting silhouette, try wearing your belt like a seatbelt. To do this, throw the belt over your shoulder and then pull it down toward your left hip. Wrap it around your waist once, and slide the buckle down toward your left hip. Try wearing this over a pair of black shirts and jeans to add some more interest to your outfit.

Turn Your Belt Into A Harness

To achieve this unique and modern look, throw the belt over your shoulder and then grab the end of it behind your back. A subtle way to style your belt, slide the buckle behind your back, and it can look similar to backpack straps or harnesses. You can wear this belt under a long coat or show off a pop of color by removing your outer layer.

An X-Formation

This belt-folding technique is great for use in lookbooks and photo shoots. To achieve this look, keep the belt around your hips while wrapping it around the back of your leg. Cross the belt over your left thigh and bring it up to the inside of your leg for an X. Then, tuck the belt’s end into your belt loops.

Although this belt-folding technique might not be practical for daily wear, it can be used by models to show off their belts in photos.

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