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Fire hoses need to stand up to rigorous testing and use—once they fail their test, they’re decommissioned and sent away to a landfill where they can take hundreds of years to decompose due to their synthetic make-up. That’s where Free of Fear comes in! We usethem to create beautifuldecommissioned fire hose products in a variety of styles. Our goal is to decrease the number of fire hoses that get thrown away every year and reduce pollution while providing high-quality and fashionable goods to our eco-conscious customers.

Recycling can save energy and preserve natural resources—you can be a part of our effort of reducing our carbon footprint by investing in our sustainable fashion accessories! From modern belts and business cases to laptop sleeves and card holders, we’ve got it all. All our products feature a gorgeous fireman yellow color that can make your outfit pop. Every item can be personalized with your or your loved one’s name or initials to make it more thoughtful and personal.

From fighting fires around Florida to becoming a part of your wardrobe, our recycled fire hose accessories are perfect for those who believe in investing in unique repurposed goods.

Take a look at our creatively designed collection today!

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